MZD is spamming me :


Yes, it’s about time for something new
but before bringing their long run to a close
it makes sense first to turn to you.

Here’s what I’m after:

1—A specific moment in history, over the last 100 years, which you find personally compelling, defining or at bare minimum interesting. Necessities: exact date, a refinement of detail, along with a reference or link. An image is also welcome. (Nix on cultural events, i.e. books, music, art, movies.)

2—A personal moment in your history which you might like to see pop up somewhere. Again: exact date, precise details. Again: no cultural references. Again: an image is welcome though definitely not necessary.

3—A kind of animal you admire.

4—A kind of plant you pause for.

5—Your favorite car.

If you’re pithy, I’ll read whatever else you care to add.

But I won’t respond.

Well, not here.