VERIDIQUE: Cet homme est atteint de Tourguenisme en phase terminale ! Et il a même pas fait "ouïe" !

Pavel Filonov and analytic painting

The artist-proletarian‘s obligation is not only to create works that answer the demands of today, but also to open the way to intellect into the distant future.

The artist-proletarian must act on the intellect of his comrade proletarians not only through what they can understand at their present stage of development.

Work on content is work on form and vice versa.

The more forcefully the form is expressed, the more forcefully the content is expressed.

Form is made by persistent line. Every line must be made.

Every atom must be made; the whole work must be made and adapted.

Think persistently and accurately over every atom of the work you are doing.

Make every atom persistently and accurately.

Introduce persistently and accurately into every atom the color you have studied — so that it enters the atom just as heat enters the body or so that it is linked organically with the form, just as in nature a flower’s cellulose is linked with its color.

Painting is the colored conclusion of drawing. (Russian Art of the Avant-Garde, 286-7). [D.K. and A.B.]