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Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 9:43 AM

Subject: Troudair is telling you the truth.

> Ok. I give you my real name wich is Grégoire Courtois (quiet difficult

> to prononce for an english-speaking person).

> Actually, I don’t give that name on the Net to let the entity Troudair

> live its own life. In fact, Grégoire Courtois is not an artist any more,

> exiled in the deep french country for a few months, bored of Paris and

> their fake and sad nights alone in a bunker/studio, fighting with demons

> to bring back to life the idea of beauty and getting no feedback from

> the audience around. I used to make movies too, studied cinema in a

> school in Paris and met smiling faces of producers that thought that my

> scripts weren’t happy enough to become films. Is it my fault if the

> world is not happy enough to become a movie?

> So I broke up with all that shit and went back in the country where I

> was born, changing Grégoire Courtois into a gentle, ordinary man,

> getting up at 7:30 every day to go to work in a little theater in

> Auxerre (I’m sure you know Auxerre, you english guy!).

> And that’s it. Grégoire Courtois was dead and the only ray of creativity

> left was Troudair, creature dedicated to the Webspace, sometimes

> creating events in the real life but only to have sounds and photos to

> show on the Net.

> So that’s why I prefer to be named Troudair (wich means airhole, or

> flight perturbation in french).

> All my friends are calling me Troudair.

> Thanks for your comment about the MP3.

> A+