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when will this race thus cease? this madness with several heads which makes that I do so many things, that I do not do anything, that I can nothing make…? which knows… one day the life rocks and panic begins… the first exits? first burstings in the families? to express, go to see dad, to go to see mom, to go to see her ex, to go to see his/her friends of group A, to go to see his/her friends of childhood, to go to see the small one been engaged of the Alps, to contact the baronne…? panic is a drug and I am tear, I run, I sleep 5h per night, I drink much to hold. I know that there are people who are bored, I am much also bored, I do not know too much when, nor too why… Ca must be when panic goes down again, ouais, the lack, for sure.

Old par M. Fox le 02 Mai 2002