le récitant : Theoretically, Chaos Magick is a meta-belief – beyond belief, a system without a philosophy, or a system that can contain all philosophies. Yet, there is very definitely a Chaos Magick ‘vibe’. It is not only a magickal practice, but also a magickal (anti-)philosophy. Just focus on the word ‘Chaos’. What does it mean to you? Flux, constant change, anarchism? A fractal understanding of a mathematical universe? A discordian object of (mis-)worship? The word is important, regardless of its ‘true’ meaning. Its cultural baggage imparts a nihilistic, post-modern, anarchistic flavour to much Chaos Magick speculation. Insures very Nietzschean stuff be goin’ down: God is dead. Laugh, for we have killed him. Since life is meaningless, be the artist of your own destiny. Create your own meaning, rather than be enslaved or conditioned by anyone else’s. If nothing is true, then everything is permitted.

Old par igor le 21 Jan 2003